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Superintendent's Message
Dear Neighbor,

Today is the day we have been planning for the last 6 months.  Countless hours have been spent researching best practices, visiting facilities, educating community members and putting together a vision that works for Mt. Vernon.  The moral obligation to fix the ills of our community is much bigger than passing a bond.  The foundation upon which this bond is built rests on the commitment to get it right for our students and staff.  

The bond won't fix everything.  However, it is a huge step in the right direction.  In addition to the bond we need a renewed commitment to raise standards and expectations and collectively embrace a We Can Do It mentality.  

How exciting it is to be a part of this journey!  We are making great strides in rebuilding a place where hope was lost. It now abounds like a river of promise.  We have pledged to rebrand our district and outsiders are now looking in to see the rebirth of a once forgotten district.  Whether you made a phone call,  posted a sign on your lawn, or just sent me an encouraging email, I say, "Thank You" for believing in the vision.  

As the leader of this great district, I humbly admit I don't have all the answers but I do have the fortitude and foresight to see that we are moving with jetlike speed to change the very conditions that have fueled mountains of despair.  

It is a new day and hope abounds! I anxiously await today's results.
I'll keep you posted.  

Yours for the Sake of All Children,

Dr.  Kenneth R. Hamilton